How can Meditation Solve a Crisis?

The Science of What helps and Doesn’t

Photo Dimitris Vetsikas on Pixabay

The Happiness of The Moment

In 2011 research looked at the happiness bought about by living in the moment, versus the unhappiness caused by the natural human state of mind wandering. We all experience a wandering mind, thinking over and over about things that concern us. But in some people this can lead to increased anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and clinical disorders. Researchers studied very experienced meditators over an 8-week period, practicing Insight Meditation. They found that meditators demonstrated less mind wandering than non-meditators. This appears to support the idea that meditation leads to happiness.

When you go Beyond Crisis

This is why you don’t get to trade the old you for the new you. You don’t get rid of the parts you no longer like. But when you’ve stopped feeding your brain with your instant reactions you’ll have found the secret sauce of meditation.

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